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Our kid studies in one of the most reputed school. When our kid was in UKG, we got inputs from teachers that our kid can’t concentrate or retain thoughts for long, has difficulty in forming words, is confused between similar looking words and numbers among others.

We ignored these early warning signs thinking they are just minor hiccups of growth process and things will be fine once our kid moves to higher classes. How wrong we were! Things further deteriorated when our kid reached Class I. There were issues related to reading, writing or even forming small words, nor was it possible to solve very basic math problems related to addition or subtraction. Classmates poked fun and there was no one our kid could call a friend.

Our kid started withdrawing into a shell and became extremely introvert. By the time our kid reached Class II things had reached a dead end. Every day our kid used to throw tantrums at the time of going to school and what not. We were at complete loss about what to do. Based on advise received we took our kid for hearing test. The Audiometry test was fine. We discussed our kid’s issues with the ENT specialist.

Mr. Saket Sinha

After hearing us we were advised by the ENT specialist to consult a psychologist as all symptoms pointed towards learning disability. Learning Disability was a new term for us . We took our kid to a psychologist and after a battery of tests our kid was diagnosed as having dyslexia . We were shattered !! How it could happen to our kid !! Is our child life shattered !! What is our kid future !! All these question ran through our mind.

The Psychologist counselled us that children with learning disabilities are as capable and as brilliant as any other. Only thing they need to achieve their full potential is a different method of teaching – Remedial Education and based on his advice we started the search for a remedial education center . It was an exercise with so few remedial education centers ,majority of which were over crowded . It took us almost a month to locate the right center and when our kid got admitted to a remedial education centre , speech and occupational therapy was also prescribed . With no centers offering all these services under one roof it became daily routine for our kid to visit these three centers. This meant once our kid left for school around 7.30 AM it was only by around 9.30 pm that our kid used to come back home . It was a difficult phase for our kid and for us . But , it was worth it . Over a period of time our kid grades improved so did his speech delivery . Most importantly was the development of self esteem and self confidence in our kid as a result of these improvements . Today our kid is a student of class VI and very soon will be moving to Class VII . Our kid regularly figures in top 10 students and has a close circle of friends.

Our kid’s journey from nowhere to current phase was not easy neither it was for us . It was a difficult , long journey and an emotionally draining phase . Results took time to come , but in the end it was all worth it . At the same time there was a huge tinge of disappointment and sadness also on how could we miss such tell tale signs of learning disabilities despite being well educated parents . If we had correctly identified these warning signs when they emerged and not years after, our kid would have been spared years of hardship and emotional distress . But then we realized there was no way we could have identified these signs for like majority of parents we were not aware of what learning disability is all about or signs to look out for . Even today a majority of parents are not aware of these things.

Given this background I started thinking of thousands and thousands of children who are out there having learning disabilities about which neither they nor their parents are aware of and are thereby suffering hardships and emotional distress exactly which our kid suffered . Out of this thinking emerged the idea of opening Indize Kids – a chain of Pan India remedial education centers providing all services like psychological assessment , counselling , remedial education , occupational & speech therapy all under one roof under the guidance of well qualified psychologists and special educators with the ultimate aim of making school going a pleasant and memorable experience for every special kid , just as it is meant to be.

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