Importance of Occupational Therapy for Autism

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Importance of Occupational Therapy for Autism

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Before diving into how & what occupational therapy can do for Autism, it is important to understand what Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is – To put in the simplest terms, ASD is a social-communication disorder. Unlike one of the many common myths surrounding it, ASD cannot be “cured”, rather it is life condition that needs management.

So, as we discussed, children and adults with Autism have a hard time communicating and interacting with other people; that’s where Occupational Therapy can help children with Autism develop as well as learn these skills. An occupational therapist will collaborate with all the environments the child is a part of – namely school and home.

Consistent feedback of day to day activities and behaviors is taken into account coupled with an evaluation of the child’s current skill set. Upon completion of this procedure, a plan of action consisting of the specific goals for the child is created and therapy begins. Depending on the needs of the child and their plan of action, a child might be asked to come in for a session maybe once or twice a week to up to five days a week.

Occupational therapy ultimately helps the child to cope better with their environment and may consist of a combination of activities such as :

  • Fine Motor Activities: for enhancing the grip and hand muscles in children through activities such as stringing beads, cutting and pasting, practice writing using various kinds of pencil grips, etc.,
  • Activities involving interaction and communication
  • Activities using large mirrors to enhance body awareness
  • Pressure and brushing to improve sensory needs
  • Activities of daily living such as brushing teeth, buttoning-unbuttoning clothes, tying shoelaces, etc.,
  • Activities for improving balance and body position in space
  • Activities to overcome their sensitivity to touch

Ultimately, the goal for any therapy is the improve upon the quality of life of that individual. Indize Kids is one such organization working consistently to attain that goal by providing special education services to children in need.

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