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Tips To Improve Working Memory In Your Children

Posted : 2019-04-04 01:00:00

Do you feel your child often has trouble multi tasking? He is involved in one task and then completely forgets the other one ? If so, there are chances that they may be having some trouble with their working memory.

Working memory is needed for tasks that involve following multiple steps. Now you can help your child improve their memory by using the following tips at home.

    1. Imagine & Visualize :

Ask your child to create a picture in their mind of what they have just read or heard. For instance, if you have asked them to fill 5 glasses of water for guests and then serve it to them, ask them to develop a mental picture of what it would look like. Then have your child draw a picture of the same task. As they get better and better at it, they can describe the picture instead of drawing it.

    2. Play memory games :

Involve your children in playing multiple memory games. For example, ask you child to cross out all ‘the’ and ‘a’ in a newspaper page or magazine page in one minute. Have them spell words backwards to boost better learning.

    3. Have them teach something:

Ask your child to teach a skill or a concept to a younger sibling, friend or even to a parent/grandparent. Teachers use this concept all the time by pairing up students and have them teach each other. This method helps children to brush up their memory and learn better

    4. Active reading:

Do you know why highlighters are so popular ? because they can actually help you remember something ! Ask your children to read something out loud as well as highlight the important parts about it in the book. Then ask them questions regarding the material they just read. This helps children retain information for longer.

    5. Make a connection :

The more we connect information to real life the easier it becomes to remember it. Develop stories and shortcuts related to the concepts being learned by them and ask them to explain using the same method (as discussed in tip #3). This will ensure better learning and better information processing.

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