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Learning Disability classes in Noida

Learning Disability

Dealing with the fact that your child has been diagnosed with Learning Disability and/or Attentional Issues can be the most overwhelming situation for a parent. With so much information & advice available on the internet, it can be hard to narrow down what would be most helpful for your child’s betterment.

Special Education a.k.a Remedial Education is considered the gold standard approach when it comes to teaching children with learning disability. Since children with learning disability mostly face issues with language especially the lack of phonological awareness – a critical skill for reading.

Thus, children with learning disability (particularly dyslexia) find it hard to recognize words and their sounds. This means they struggle even more when they are reading. Special Educators can help to teach children with learning disability to recognize word sounds. They can also help them with phonics i.e., connecting letters to their sounds, breaking words into their sounds and blending sounds into words.

Once skills like these are accomplished, reading can become simpler and simpler for children with regular practice.

A wide variety of strategies are used for teaching children with learning disability. They can be as simple as rhyming & tapping syllables to using the multisensory approach of using sandpaper.

Professionals such as psychologists, special educators and speech therapists can help your child in these aspects and help make reading easier for them.

Indize Kids offers special education at our Noida and Greater Noida centers for children who are dealing with such problems. We have different programs which use different materials, however, they all have a structured and collective approach. These programs are intensive and are taught one-on-one or with small groups with an aim to improve reading, writing and speaking skills in children.

Math is the most feared subject among school going children as well as adults. However, there are some who simply fear it while there are others who literally have a very hard time understanding the concepts of numbers.

In either of these situations, Indize Kids can help your child improve their relationship with Maths.

Some children, who are struggling a lot with the numbers, may be facing issues due to dyscalculia ( a type of learning disability). It often brings with it other issues like ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which can be helped with some medication.

Special Education can help in teaching students struggling with Maths, especially children in the Primary Schools.

A multisensory instruction using sight, touch, hearing and movement can give children different ways to understand concepts and build skills. Multisensory math techniques can also able children to understand what numbers and symbols mean. These techniques aim at teaching children in a logical manner and tries to build on skills.

Objects are used to show quantities and show children how concepts in math work. It can help children in developing their number sense and make better connections with what they are learning.

If you feel your child may be going through the same issues, please know that there are ways to help. Approach a professional at Indize Kids to avail a program suitable to the specific needs of your child at our Noida and Greater Noida Centers.