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Occupational Therapy in Noida

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (also known as OT),can help children perform their activities of daily living (ADLs) with ease. It has an even greater benefit for children who have learning and attention issues.

OT can help children with their daily fine motor and gross motor tasks such as using a toothbrush, writing or even organizing their back pack! It is extremely helpful for children who have self regulation and sensory issues.

At Indize Kids, our Occupational therapists (also known as OTs) assess your child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. From there on, they create a program of activities for a child to work on. These activities can are designed addressing issues such as strength, attention, sensory needs, coordination and balance.

For example, children with extremely high energy levels (such as in the case of ADHD) are made to do full body activities & exercises, which can make them focus better on their school work. These activities may involve using trampolines, animal poses and even some yoga, to exert their excessive energy and make them focus well.

A child facing trouble in writing can be helped by an OT using multisensory techniques such as tracing on a sandpaper or shaving cream, exercises to strengthen their wrist movements and much more.

OT is especially helpful in cases where children have sensory processing issues. Some children with these issues over react to their environmental stimulations and become hyperactive, while others and under active and require sensory stimulation.

Occupational Therapy in Noida is helpful for the treatment of learning disability, visual processing problems, ADHD, Autism and executive functioning problems.

Indize Kids has centres in Noida & Greater Noida and can help your child in getting the right treatment.