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Speech Therapy

When one hears the words ‘Speech Therapists’ or ‘Speech-Language Pathologist’, we often feel they are people who can only help children who have speech issues or children who are of ‘special needs’.

However, did you know that speech therapists are trained to handle a wide range of reading and communication issues also?

Here’s more on how speech therapy can help children with their learning, reading, listening and speaking skills. Speech therapy is a part of an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) and designs activities based on the needs of your child’s particular issues:

  • Increasing Phonological Awareness: Greater phonological awareness can help improve a child’s interest in reading. A speech therapist can help your child in decoding and identifying the beginning sounds of words/alphabets, which ultimately affect their reading.
  • Expression of complex ideas: Speech therapy can help children in communicating via using longer sentences and sharing more details. A speech therapist can teach children to combine their ideas and communicate them in a proper manner.
  • Building Vocabulary: A larger vocabulary means that your child has more words for them to communicate. This can also create their interest in reading as they can understand more words with a better vocabulary. To increase the vocabulary of a child, a speech therapist might enact them, use them to narrate stories and build more activities based on the words.
  • Improving social communication: Speech therapists can help in teaching children how to start and hold a conversation. They can help them in understanding the back-n-forth process of a chat and even help them with their tone of voice, their pitch, body language and emotions.

Apart from these, speech therapy can generally help children with specific language issues also, such as:

  • Fluency issues: Problems with flow of speech (stuttering)
  • Voice issues: Problems with quality of voice, volume and pitch
  • Oral Feeding issues: Problems with eating, swallowing, drooling
  • Articulation issues: Problems with not speaking clearly and making mistakes in sounds

Speech therapy is also helpful in treating:

  • Receptive Language Problems: Difficulty in understanding language
  • Expressive Language Problems: Difficulty in speaking language
  • Pragmatic Language Problems: Difficulty in using language in social situations

Though it is not a quick fix and sometimes can take months or even years of hard work, speech therapy can help your child feel more confident socially, emotionally and even academically in the longer run of life.

Indize Kids has centres in Noida and Greater Noida and can help your child in proving the right speech therapy plan for enhancing their communication skills.